At Support Tutoring Service we offer a wide range of academic subject tutoring and learning support to students from elementary to middle school, high school and beyond. 

We provide tutoring to students with disabilities, general education students, gifted and talented students, at all grade levels and in all subject areas as well college students and those interested in our Standardized Test Prep programs.

Students from all grade levels are given the necessary support in any subject whether it is  reading, writing, math, science, social studies, languages, art or advanced courses such as engineering, calculus, humanities, and astronomy among others, standardized test prep such as SAT, Achievement Tests, SHSAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, PCAT.


Nancy Billups, NY

My son needed help keeping up with school work.  He struggled to focus and the COVID-19 pandemic was especially disruptive to him and our family.  We needed help and fast. A family friend who knew about our struggles strongly recommended Support Tutoring Service to us.  It was the best advice we have ever received.  A few months into learning with Support Tutoring, my son is doing amazing!  His grades have improved so much and he loves learning now.  I totally recommend Support Tutoring. 

Dale O'brien, PA

Support Tutoring Service has been a life-saver!  Our elementary school daughter was literally drowning under immense pressure from failing almost all of her classes.  We had tried other tutoring agencies but didn’t see much of an improvement.  We heard about Support Tutoring through word of mouth and decided to give them a try.  Within a week of working with our daughter we started to notice positive changes.  She started reading more and her overall academics began to improve.  Our daughter is now a top performing student in her class and her teacher is totally blown away.  Thank you Support Tutoring!

Lilly Phelps, RI

From the excellent office staff to the exceptionally committed tutors, Support Tutoring Service is one of a kind.  I signed up all three of my struggling sons – one in middle school and two in high school – with Support Tutoring.  All of my boys have shown great improvement and are top performers in their class.

Amanda Williams, CA

I have been so lucky to have found Support Tutoring when I did.  My 3rd grader was going through a tumultuous time with the overwhelming school work amid the COVID-19 remote schoolings that left her in limbo.  I immediately signed up my daughter when a colleague from work introduced me to Support Tutoring.  It saved my life and that of my daughter.

Bill Rogers, MN

I feel very lucky that I found Support Tutoring for my middle school son.  He had a very difficult time at school and was falling behind on all his classes.  Thanks to the excellent tutoring by Support Tutoring Service, my son is now a success story.  His grades have improved dramatically and he is a star in his class. I can’t think of a better tutoring company than Support Tutoring.  They are the best!


Our dedicated, hardworking, highly trained and highly skilled teachers are the best in their field; they are nationally certified,  and hold the highest qualifications in their subject area.  They include certified and licensed elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, recent college graduates and university Professors who are passionate about teaching.  They work very hard with each student in a fun and engaging way to ensure the success of each student.

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At Support Tutoring Service we offer a wide range of academic subject tutoring and learning support to students from elementary to middle school, high school and beyond.